Monday, February 2, 2009

A Kneejerk reaction?

Following the terrorists attack in 26/11, the parliament had no solutions but to come out with two Bills. was it to satisfy the television watching middle class of India that parliament is still vigilant in combating terrorism? As the Home Minister has himself admitted the amendments brought to Unlawful Activities Prevention (Amendment) Bill 2008 has nothing to do with preventing terrorism, but expected to evolve a deterrent effect. The irony is that deterrent laws for terrorists who have no concern for lives even when it comes to the their lives.

The two Bills (Unlawful Activities Prevention (Amendment) Bill 2008, National Investigation Agency Bill 2008) was passed with in four days with out any due deliberations with such a haste. Section 43D of the bill provides that an accused may be detained up to one hundred and eighty days for the purpose of investigation( previously it was up to ninety days now it has been increased up to 180 days), such a draconian provision, a wide warm welcome to custodial deaths. In United States an accused cannot be detained for more than one day without the charge sheet being filed. A Bill to increase the detention period from twenty five to forty eight was rejected by House of Lords in England. only in India it is 90 long days, now it is just double of it... Presumption of Guilt as it is under Section 43E many and many draconian provision, which would often victimize innocents. In my view UAPA Bill 2008, IS MORE DRACONIAN than its predecessors(TADA, POTA)

Is draconian laws, passed with haste, only answer for terrorism?

Home minister has said that the Parliament would have a re look at these Bill in the month of February. These draconian provisions should be amended and suitable and realistic and fruitful solutions should be reached... pinning my hopes...

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  1. truly written,
    In actually, they just want to satisfy our voices. our lawmakers made laws nt for the actual reforms, but to show thier actions which ultimately suffered by innocent peoples.

    "Terrorists who have no concern for lives even when it comes to their lives."
    then these laws are of no use, we should try to find the real problems of terrorism rather than making ineffective laws.