Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amendment to Section 41 of CrPc

By the way of Amendment to Section 41 of CrPC, even for non-cognizable offense, arrest can be made without warrent, but only after recording in writing the reasons for the arrest.

"notice of appearance" can be given if it is an offence punishable with seven years of imprisonment, instead of arrest, and arrest shall be made only he/she does not appear before the police in response to the notice.

it also provides for compensation in case of wrongful arrest.

these amendments are the outcome of the recommendations of Justice Malimoth Committee and various decsions of the Apex Court, to avoid overcrowding of jails in case of undertrails.

well thought and deliberated decision taken by the parliment and President also has given her assent, now soon it will come in to force.

good job parlimentarians......


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